LvivMozArt Festival (18-25 August 2017)

Lviv is considered to be one of the most musical cities in Ukraine, because here were born not only Ukrainian musicians, but also a lot of artists from abroad.
In this city lived and worked an outstanding pianist, composer and son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Franz Xavier Mozart.
In Lviv he founded the first music community of the city, which lead to the creation of a new European tradition of performing classical music on that time.
Inspired by Mozart, who changed Lviv, today the city’s residents decided to create a new musical history with LvivMozArt festival.
During the festival, you will have a chance to visit LvivMozArt opening concert, exhibition, dedicated to the musician at the Potocki Palace, the International Forum about achievements of Franz Xavier Mozart in Galicia and Gala concert, which will be held at the Lviv Opera House.
Also within the framework of the festival, small classical lovers will be able to visit „Mozartkids“ (an interactive music program for children) or performance with rhythm, movement, composition during workshops.
In addition, the LvivMozArt program includes the creation of experimental instruments from recycled materials.
Locations: Lviv Opera House, Potocki Palace, Museum Square, Rynok Square, Tram Depot and Lviv Coffee Manufacture.
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